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Roosevelt Energy Technologies, Inc. is the exclusive North American licensee of the entire Tstud™ Product Lineup and the Tstud™ Wall Assembly.

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Initial R Value of 20
Less than a 1% on the job cull rate

The first Tstud™ to come to market is the replacement for 2x6’s and is 5-1/2” deep, has an initial R Value of 20, and has less than a 1% on the job cull rate.  The Tstud™ can be used for wall studs, king studs and jack studs, cripples, top and bottom plates, headers, sill plates, sole plates, roof and floor members, and more. It is available to be sublicensed in exchange for a typical royalty agreement. If your company is interested in being part of this revolutionary technology, please fill out the contact form. The inventor, Brian Iverson, will arrange for a confidential conversation with you. 


The Tstud™ is a game changing technology, that will allow builders to rethink how they construct buildings, curtain walls, hotels, motels, apartments, condos, townhomes, single family homes, multi family structures, RV trailers, climate-controlled trailers, remodeling, whether stick built or modular or manufactured, the list of opportunities is endless. 

The Tstud™ can be used for walls, floors, and roofs. R&D is ongoing for the 2x3 replacement where one wood member is treated for use on concrete, for stripping out the exterior of a structure for added insulation as in a retro fit job, etc. The 2x8 replacement has an initial R Value of +/-30 and is equal in strength to a 2x8 up to 12’ in height. Homes and buildings can be the most energy efficient and affordable structures ever to be built. Up to a 24% reduction in heating anc cooling costs. See for all the insights and in depth analysis on the 5-1/2” deep Tstud, the first Tstud™ to come to the market which is completely code compliant.




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What is the Tstud™?

The Tstud™ is a 5 in 1 solution to the building industry. Thermal, Structural, Sound, Wind, and eventually; Fire.



The Tstud™ offers a 99.23% complete thermal break from the inside to the outside of a structure, through the exterior wall assembly. The Tstud™ has a stated R Value of 18, versus only 6.88 for a 2x6. Thus allowing for up to 24% of an exterior wall (the framing area) to be +/- 160% more energy efficient for a fraction of the cost of installing continuous rigid insulation on the exterior of the structure. 



The Tstud™ has passed all the ASTM and ANSI testing requirements to be used in all of North America and all Technical Evaluation Reports are available online. The Tstud™ is certified for use in up to 16’ tall walls. A typical 2x6, 10’ tall, of #2 spf, holds 4200# of load before failure. In preliminary testing, the Tstud™ of the same material and height, held an astounding 12,655# in a non force break vertical load test.



The Tstud™ has been tested in preliminary testing as a Class A Fire Rated wall component on the “y” axis. More testing will be completed in the near future with random testing methods as specified by the testing company. An E84 test has been completed and an E119 will be sponsored in the future. Currently the Tstud™ is unrated at this point.





The Tstud™ has been tested and passed for all Hurricane and Seismic Zones in North America, up to 16’ tall in exterior walls.



The Tstud™, in preliminary testing, has been rated as a +6 in sound transmission rate, similar to installing resilient channel on both sides of a wall.


The first products to license are the wall assembly components.
Roof and floor members are anticipated in the future, as well as treated products.



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